Prepare For Takeoff!

Prepare For Takeoff!


This private in-home prenatal lesson prepares you and your partner for childbirth and life with a newborn infant. Prepare For Takeoff is a combo lesson of “Intensive” Childbirth Prep and Parent Essentials so you can get all the info you'll need for a healthy birth and postpartum time.

Prepare for labor and birth with our private Intensive lesson. Includes:

  • Up-to-date, evidence based birth information relevant to inductions, labor, delivery, and newborn care

  • Labor comfort measures, positioning and relaxation techniques

  • Self-care, postpartum and breastfeeding expectations

  • Dive deeper into the current research or review your studies within our online Learning Center (videos, tips, and more)

  • Membership in our closed Facebook group, Pregnancy & Beyond

Prepare to handle parenthood like a pro by learning the Parent Essentials. We'll share with you detailed, safe and pertinent information regarding: 

  • Infant care, colic, sleep hygiene, feeding and babywearing safety

  • Postpartum care and new parent issues

  • Diaper and breastfeeding station(s) set-up

  • Must-have clothing items and baby gear

  • Crib, co-sleeping and/or bed sharing

  • Nursery and sleep station(s) set-up

  • How and when to start a routine, correcting day and night confusion, sleep/relaxation association

  • Baby's circadian rhythm, must-haves for beneficial naps, sleep safety, and why night lights are a “no-no"

  • SIDS prevention


After your purchase is made, you'll be prompted to specify your needs and tailor the lesson as you desire. We suggest you take this in-home birthing class between weeks 34-38 of your pregnancy.

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