Parent Essentials

Parent Essentials


Are you overwhelmed by all the information and advice on newborns? By combining different parenting philosophies and calming methods, our targeted lesson prepares you to handle parenthood like a pro. The Parent Essentials Lesson is designed for soon-to-be parents who need detailed information on infant care.

You'll gain safe and pertinent information on:

  • Infant care, colic, sleep hygiene, feeding and babywearing safety

  • Postpartum care and new parent issues

  • Must-have clothing items and baby gear

  • Diaper and feeding station(s) set-up

  • Nursery and sleep station(s) set-up

  • Crib, co-sleeping and/or bed sharing

  • SIDS prevention

  • How and when to start a routine, correcting day and night confusion, sleep/relaxation association

  • Baby's circadian rhythm, must-haves for beneficial naps, sleep safety, and why night lights are a “no-no"

We suggest you take this in-home birthing class between weeks 34-38 of your pregnancy.

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