About Launch!

Preparing for childbirth and parenthood has never been easier than at this point in time. With private prenatal instruction from Launch, we'll help you plan your ideal birth experience and gain evidence based birth and newborn care information. We'll show you how to optimize your pregnancy and postpartum time, and handle parenthood like a pro. Let the countdown begin for takeoff!

Our lessons are taught privately in your home between weeks 34-38 of your pregnancy. We teach these prenatal essentials in Tampa Bay and Atlanta. To schedule your childbirth and/or infant care classes, as well as to customize these to your family's needs, please make your selection here. You'll be prompted to select your choice of lesson date, instructor, and priority of topic discussion as well as if it is your desire to include faith-based practices into your learning.

Thank you for your interest in our team. If you believe your community would benefit by learning via our private prenatal classes, please be sure to spread the word.

Many blessings,
Cynthya Dzialo
Owner and Educator